Intrinsic Safety Barrier, Category 2

Article: 708500
Intrinsic Zener diodes Category 2 Safety Barrier (Zone 1 or Zone 2)

  • Intrinsic Safety Barrier, Category 2
  • Gas station expansion
  • Refineries
  • Meter reading


  • ATEX Certified
  • Safe transmission with meters and sensors installed in ATEX zones 1 or 2
  • Passive barrier (does not require a power supply)
  • Enclosure IP65 (case not needed)
  • 4 channels
  • Fixation on Rails DIN

The TSB-31 is an intrinsic safety barrier which allows to avoid the high voltages and to secure the transmission of the signals in explosive environments.
Four safety barriers have been developed:

TSB-31.1 10V100mA: specially designed to protect the lines of communication RS-232, it can also be used to transmit the analog and digital signals.
Usable in zone 1 or in Ex zone 2, the barrier TSB 31.1 allows, for example, an application with a gas volume corrector.

TSB-31.2 10V100mA: this barrier has the same utility as TSB 31.1 but it is a category 3 and can be only used for Ex zone 2.

TSB-31.2 10V20mA: specially designed to provide the connection with meters having a SCR interface (GWF Coder), installed in Ex zone 2.

TSB-31.2 16V110mA: this barrier can read 4-20mA probes in Ex zone 2.

The TSB is planned for signals: RS-232 (PC), RS-485, RS-422, analog, digital and impulse.


How does it work ?

The main function is to reduce the voltage and the electric current by the barrier's output to connect a sensor, a gas volume corrector or a meter in complete safety. The current passes through a fuse, resistances and diodes ensuring a maximum of 10V (depending on model) to the output.
The barrier can assure the connection towards meters and electric devices situated in EX zone 1 or 2.

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