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Location Fluorimètre / Fluorometer
Rental of fluorometers manufactured by Albillia Sàrl with teletransmission permitted by TRMC of Tetraedre
  • Dye tracing
  • Remote monitoring


  • Rental billed per day. Start date of lease: day of shipment from Auvernier. End date of lease: day of receipt of equipment at Auvernier.
  • Possibility to create alarms (call or email) depending on the measurements of the fluorimeter. Note: only when the fluorimeter is connected to a TRMC and the TRMC has a 2G or 3G or 4G connection. Billing per alarm.
  • Fluorimeter measurement interval can be selected. Standard time: 15 minutes. Shorter or longer time can be selected at no additional cost.
  • Option to choose the interval for sending data to the server. Standard time: 60 minutes. Option to set a shorter or longer time at no additional cost.
  • Possibility to define a fluorimeter measurement threshold beyond which measurements will be made in a shorter time interval at no additional cost (switch to fast mode).
  • Ability to operate an ISCO 6712 sampler and define a fluorimeter measurement threshold beyond which the ISCO 6712 sampler must start a program or take a sample.

WARNING #1 : For quantitative tracing, it is strongly recommended to calibrate each fluorimeter with your own tracers for a more accurate result.

WARNING #2: Frost problems can break the Pyrex tube. Water damage can easily reach CHF 1000.


Tetraedre offers for rent TRMC-5 and GGUN fluorimeters from Albillia Sàrl. You have the choice to take the following items individually or in a package:

- TRMC-5-F data logger/recorder and teletransmitter (SIM card provided by Tetraedre Sàrl and very wide reception bands 2G/3G/4G in Switzerland, France, Belgium and worldwide)

- Lead battery 12V. Capacities of 7Ah or 24Ah.

- Fluorimeter GGUN FL-30 (for surface water) or GGUN FL-24 (for drilling). Models with lamps I, II, III or I, II and V. See documentation on tracer characteristics at

- Cable for connecting the GGUN fluorimeter to the TRMC-5

- Web hosting of your data

- Access your data with graphical interface and export of your data


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Additionnal ressources and information

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