GSM/GPRS and Radio Datalogger/Dataconcentrator
The TRMC-18 is a datalogger operating on battery, with GSM/GPRS and radio interfaces especially designed for industrial remote meter reading applications
  • Meter statement (water, gas, electricity)
  • Automated billing
  • Consumption management
  • Leak detection
  • 'Live' network monitoring
  • Detailed review of customer consumption
  • Building's meters reading


  • Extremely low power consumption. Several years of autonomy
  • Receives information from meters with radio transmitter
  • Compatible with GWF Coder RCM-PI I, II and III (hourly values)
  • Compatible EN 13757-4, mode T1 (Wireless M-Bus), 868 MHz
  • Compatible with XEMTEC's COMET
  • The measurements are stored inside the device (approx 10'000 measurements)
  • Internal, replaceable battery or accumulator
  • Data transmission in either GSM DATA (CSD) or GPRS mode

TRMC-18 datalogger have been developed by TETRAEDRE to fulfill the requirements expressed by energy distributors (water, gas, electricity).

The main function is to store and transmit index and load profile. Data can be transmitted either in GSM CSD (data) or GPRS. Index values and load profiles are read by the TRMC either through its radio receiver or by direct wire connections.

The device is fully autonomous. Thanks to its extremely low power consumption, it can work for years with batteries (which are integrated in the device). The device is available either with Lithium battery for the highest possible autonomy or with Li-Ion accumulators for reduced maintenance costs.

The integrated non-volatile memory can store up to several months of measurements. The TRMC stores data at regular time interval and then transmits when to the server. Thanks to several security mechanism, the communication with the server is very reliable. The data arrives directly on the customer's servers. Tetraedre provides several software tools, including an infrastructure manager and export interfaces to other software (like SAP, EDM,...).

Since the device works with GSM technology, it can be used everywhere in Europe and in numerous other countries.

The device is compatible with water and gas meters with the GWF Coder (RCM-PI1 to RCM-PI3 devices) and XEMTEC Comet interfaces.

The device has an IP66 case.

Additionnal ressources and information

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