Tetraedre is now member from LoRa ALLIANCE thanks to its researches and to the development of its products. LoRa is a protocol which allows to send the data to a long distance away.

LoRa ALLIANCE is an association with purpose non profit-making which allows to gather members who are centred towards the "internet of things". This project began with the managers of the industries who had for mission to standardize the LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks) to allow the communications M2M, the internet of thing and industrial applications.

The members of the association collaborate to share their knowledge, their experiences to guarantee the success of the protocol LoRa.

Tetraedre is capable of proposing you devices working with the protocol LoRa , such as the TRP-12-LoRa. This technology allows to send to long distance the wished information while being in low consumption; devices which can so work on battery during several years.