Tetraedre is commercializing a new concentrator/datalogger : the TRMC-20. This device has small dimensions (190x75mm without antenna) and is very useful as a radio concentrator. It possesses all the software functionalities of a TRMC-18. A radio receiver in the ISM 868 MHz band (Wireless M-Bus) is built-in.

The TRMC-20 is also equipped with an expansion connector to wire several kind of sensors (temperature sensors, pressure sensor, GPS,...)

The device is powered by an internal Li-Ion accumulator (Li battery also possible) and has a long autonomy.

Thanks to its integrated GMS/GPRS modem, the TRMC-20 is especially well suited for "Radio concentrator" applications. The TRMC-20 receives radio messages from sensors located in the neighborhood. These messages are stored in the datalogger memory at fixed time interval and then remotely transmitted through GPRS. The TRMC-20 is well adapted to urban applications (level measurement in waste containers,...) because of its small size.

    Possible applications:
  • Level measurement in containers, local radio network
  • Level measurement in wells
  • Temperature measurement in buildings
  • ...