How to install a TRMC ?

Go to

  1. Click on « Installation Wizard »
    • Complete the following fields : Modèle, numéro de série, Timestamp start, Description (write the name of the place of TRMC)
    • Click then on « Créer »
  2. Click on « measurement_set »
    • Click on « Créer un measurement_set » You will see a number #123. This number is important for the TRMC configuration.
  3. For some applications which require a processing of the raw values, for example fields in the hydrogeology, the gas pressure, it is necessary to create a mappings to obtain graphs. For other fields, you can skip directly to step 4.
    • Click on « physical context », then on «view»
    • Under the section «mappings du contexte», click on « ajouter un mapping »
    • Complete the following fields:
    • Table input (choose from the list)
    • Physical input (Choose the number in the list of « media, description »)
    • Measurement set (choose from the list)
    • a0 (ask Tetraedre)
    • a1 (ask Tetraedre)
    • a2 (ask Tetraedre)
    • b0 nothing to write
    • c0 (ask Tetraedre)
    • c1 (ask Tetraedre)
    • c2 (ask Tetraedre)
    • Click on « Add »
  4. Click on «Custom display configuration»
    • In the empty box add the name of the place of the TRMC, select visualisation and click on «add Custom Module»
    When you click on «edit», you will find a table which represents the graphs which you can see on You can change as well the name of the graph, its parameters or its scales.

So, everything is configured for the system receives the data of the TRMC. You can follow the evolution of your measures and your installation remotely.