It is possible that a TRMC is used two or more times. It has however to be assigned to a single physical context at the same time. It is thus necessary to know where is the TRMC and to close its physical context before being able to open another one. You will find below various scenarios:

  1. The TRMC is not in the correct folder (in case you have several folders to manage):
    • Go to
    • Click on "equipment list"
    • Click on the serial number of the TRMC
    • Modify and transfer it to the new folder

    Go to It is now necessary to open a new physical context with the number of TRMC wanted

    • Click on "physical context"
    • Create a new physical context
    • Under "equipment list", Click on "modify the equipment list" and choose the serial number of the TRMC which has to be in the new physical context.

    You have so an new physical context with the TRMC wanted.

  2. The TRMC stay in the same folder but should change its physical context because its function has changed
    • Go to
    • Click on "physical context"
    • Click on "close" to close the physical context of the TRMC that you desire use for another context.
    • Click then on "create a physical context", complete the chart
    • Click then on "view" of the physical context and go to "Context equipment", click on "modify"
    • Choose the TRMC which has to be in the physical context

For both scenarios above, it is imperativ to put an end date during the closure of the old physical context. Otherwise the changes required will not work.