I made measures' tests on site with my TRMC. I returned it to the office but it continues to make measures. How may I disable it until the next test?


As soon as a TRMC is switched on and as soon as it is programmed, it is going to make measures according to its parameters, no matter where it is located. It is so necessary to disable it so that only the test values display on the software TDS.

Here is the procedure to disable the TRMC:

  1. Connect the USB cable of the TRMC to the computer. (You have to connect the "PC" cable)
  2. Go to Axiome Basic:
    • Click the port COM connected to your device (generally it is about the last port COM). To be sure you can go on the administrator of periphery by right clicking on the desktop/ manage/ administrator of periphery/ port COM (the one which appears during the connection of cable).
    • Click on "connect"
    • Go to the tab "System configuration"
      • Click on "GSM disable". "Sequence success" should appears in the text below.
    • Click on the tab "Acquisitions"
      • Click on "Disable acquisition"
    • Click on the tab "System Status"
      • Click on "Get status". You should see two red squares
  3. Disconnect the cable

If you wish to reuse the TRMC to do measures again, so to enable the TRMC, just follow exactly the same process except that instead of click on " GSM disable " and " disable acquisition " you have to click on " GSM enable " and " enable acquisition ". By making one " Get status " you should see two green squares.