Your network in complete safety

It is important to be able to check the smooth running of the network. Thanks to our system, you can watch the pressure and the flow of your network of water. The system can also detect the water hammers.
Tetraedre is designer of his products. It is so possible to adapt them according to your needs and according to the installed network.


Network Pressure

Tetraedre has developed a system, which allows you to monitor the pressure in your water pipes. Thanks to the TPL (Tetraedre Pressure Logger) and thanks to our datalogger TRMC, it is easy to follow remotely the pressure of the pipes. The TPL can measure the pressure several tens of time per second and detect the water hammers.
Probes of pressure are fixed to the pipe to monitor.
A solution, easier, without TPL, also allows to measure the pressure and the flow of the network, for example every 5 minutes.


How does it work ?

The TRMC-19 is an autonomous datalogger, battery operated and able to record the information of flow and pressure during several months/years. These data are then transmitted remotely via GSM/GPRS. The data result from flowmeters and from probes pressure.
It can work with a single battery during several years. The system requires no power supply other than internal battery the lifespan for this kind of applications is of 2 years.
The TRMC-19 can, for example to recreate curves of hourly consumption or 1/4 hour and to send SMS of alarm in case of water hammers.

Generally the TRMC transmits the measures with regular interval, in GPRS to a server TDS.
The TDS software allows to store and to visualize the data through a Web page.



  • Ensure a smooth running of your networ
  • Manage the use of the water
  • Compatibility with flowmeters of several manufacturers
  • Customized product
  • Battery operated
  • Personalized service
  • Centralized server (at the customer) with access via internet
  • Easy installation