TDS is a software created by Tetraedre which allows to receive and to see all the data which are sent by devices such as the TRMC, which are on site. So you have the possibility to follow the evolution of the data. TDS is easy to use and it allows a high possibility of actions and modifications remotely.

TDS is composed of three parts: "View" (Visualisation), "Manage" and "Admin".

Under the part "View", you can see your data on graphs of all your devices which are installed on site.

The "Manage" part is more specific for the technical part and for the changes of parameters of devices installed on site. Indeed, you can remotely:

  • Check if your devices connect correctly
  • Change the time of connection
  • Change the number of acquisition per day
  • Change your graphs
  • etc.

The part "Admin" addresses the people who have TDS on their server and who register themselves devices and people who have access to the data

TDS is a safe software which allows the access only to the users who received a login and a password. Every user can have different rights for his file.

So, one or several file(s) of every user is (are) confidential.

TDS is generally installed on the server of Tetraedre but it is also possible to install it on your own server.