Fields of activity

Reading of water's meter

The datalogger
TRMC-19, developed by Tetraedre allows to read and to store the information from water meters. The TRMC is compatible with the meters of several manufacturers (GWF, Itron, Aquametro, Krohne,...).

Our activities for Water

Thanks to acquired experiences, and numerous contacts with professionals and industrial services, Tetraedre has developed several products adapted to the applications related to the water. Each of the systems is based on the
TRMC-19 or on the TRMC-5. These are autonomous dataloggers that transmit the remote data via GSM or GPRS in all the countries where the GSM network is available. These products work thanks to a battery which has a long life (up to several years). They are compatible with the devices of several manufacturers and are adaptable according to your needs. Tetraedre presents you below the various possible applications of these products in the water domain.