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How to show the location of my TRMC on Google Earth?

  1. Enter the coordinates of the measurement set
    • Go to tds/manage
    • Click on "measurement set" and edit the measurement set which should appear on Google Earth
    • Write the coordinates of your TRMC under section latitude and longitude, then click on "Updated"
  2. Enter the coordinates of the point of view you want when Google Earth load the visualization
    • Go to tds/manage
    • In the section "Index", you have at the top the references of your file. Click on "Edit"
    • Write the coordinates of the point of view that you wish under the section for latitude, longitude and altitude
    • Click on "Updated"
  3. Show the button of Google Earth under tds/Visualisation
  4. We assume that you have already set up a graphic that you see on tds/visualisation. If this is not the case, create your graphic first.
    • On tds/manage, click on "Configuration affichage personnalisé"
    • Click on "Edit" next to the place's name which interests you
    • Click on "Export to XML". You will then have a file that will open. Record it in your files.
    • Return on "Configuration affichage personnalisé" and fill the empty box with the name of the place of your TRMC, select "Google Earth" in the drop-down menu and click "Add Custom Module"
    • Import the file XML that you recorded previously
    • Refresh your page (Otherwise you will not see any change)
    • At the top, click on the drop-down menu next to the "Heading" and select "Google_Earth_place". Click on "Ajouter un élément"
    • Change your measurement set so that it corresponds to the measurement set that you wish to visualize on Google Earth by clicking on "Edit". Update the changes.
    • You have now created the "button" Google Earth visualisation